Thursday, 18 August 2011

'NJ's Crafty Tips'

Hello everyone, hope your having a good week so far. It's nearly the weekend and I know I'm looking forward to it! I just wanted to give you an update about my crafty tips. I love sharing my tips with you, but it takes quite a bit of time for me to go through them and upload all the pics. As I'm really busy at work, running my own business too, crafting, commissions and other craft project committments I have decided to do my crafty tips monthly instead of weekly. I hope your not too disappointed, but I have such a busy life lol, not enough hours in the day. I also want to make my tips enjoyable and interesting, so I feel by doing them monthly it will give me more time to prepare a tutorial with different crafting ideas for you all to try out. I am having a week end away at the end of August for my 40th birthday so it wont be the end of this month. My next crafty tips will now be at the end of I hope you will look forward to the next installment, I know I will look forward to sharing with you the next project I have in mind! Thanks for reading, and happy crafting to you all,
lots of love NJ XXXX

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