Monday, 17 October 2011

My Crafty Friend Of The Month

Hello my crafty friend's. I would like to introduce you to 'My Crafty Friend Of The Month' ..................

Sarah Colvin

I first got to know Sarah on the Atc Forum of the Do Crafts website. We joined in ATC swaps on a regular basis. One of the ladies on the forum organised a meeting for us all in County Durham which is called
'The Geordie Meet'.

It was lovely to actually meet Sarah there. Sarah's work is beautiful, she is a very talented person with lot's of creative ideas. Sarah has passed this onto her daughter Millie as she also loves to craft too.

I think you should hop over to Sarah's blog and see her work. If you love shoes, like I will love what she has made. As I have had the pleasure of meeting Sarah and crafting together, I can tell you just what a lovely friend she is. So, she is well deserved to have recognition for her work. I asked Sarah some crafty question's. I love to ask these question's because it's interesting to learn how we all got into crafting and our likes and dislikes. So here is what I asked....

How did you get into crafting?

I started crafting when I was very young. I remember making peg dolls with my great nanna when I was about 3. She also taught me to cook, knit and stitch, along with my mam of course. I've always been into the latest crafty fads. I've tried almost every thing there is. From glass painting to dress making, cross stitch, silk painting, shadow boxes and I even used to knit and stitch clothes for my barbie dolls! lol

If you had to choose five must have crafty items what would they be?

My top five crafty items craft knife, glass cutting mat, inks, Pritt stick and paper of course lol.

What crafty technique do you love to do?
I change my favourite technique all the time. At the moment it's colouring stamped images with promarkers.

If you bought one crafty item this month what would it be?

More promarkers. I buy 2 or 3 every time I go into town.

Finally, who inspire's you in the crafting world and why?

My late nanna, she was always creating something new. She used to tell me how she had to make do with what she had. Recycled things that were no good into things they could use, like old rags made into rugs etc. She also said to cut off the buttons on old stuff too because you never know when you might need one. That I do! I wish she was here now, she would love all this card making.


I have enjoyed reading Sarah's answer's and I'm sure you have too. I can relate to what she said about trying almost everything! That's what I have done many times and decided it was'nt for me, take knitting for example, I've tried it, I was'nt very good at lol, but I tried.

So thank you to the lovely Sarah, for being my guest for this month's 'My Crafty Friend'. I know that your late nanna would have been proud of what you do and all of your beautiful creation's.
Thank you once again my lovely friend XXX

I hope you have all enjoyed reading about Sarah. Don't forget to hop over to her blog and follow her wonderful creation's.

Finally, keep never know, next month it could be you!LOL

Have fun and happy crafting,
Lots of love

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