Saturday, 3 March 2012

A Tour Of My Tidy Craft Room.....

Good evening everyone,

well I hope you are all having a nice week-end so far!

I have been crafting in the dining room since my op just for ease really, but after a few complaints from my hubby about when am I moving back into my craft room....I decided to this afternoon.

So everything I moved into the dining room I have now put back in its rightful place lol.
I think my craft room looks nice and tidy and is ready for action!

So, I thought I would take you on a little tour of my craft room. I love it in here, it's a happy place to be!LOL

Sit back, relax and enjoy the view ...hehehe
I love love love it in here.......

Notice the pink apron hanging up....I've only worn it once lol ...

I love notebooks, lists and more lists! The bits of pink paper hanging up with the clips are the projects I am on with making next lol. I like to be organised!

I love writing notes and scribbling away in my Boofle project book. I scribble my ideas in it so randomly sometimes I can't always read my writing hehehe...

It feels really cozy in here, I just love working in my craft room...

The memory board on the wall I made using some of my Dad's photo's. My beautiful Dad fell asleep and went to the angel's on the 10th May 2010. How time flies! I get great comfort from having my Dad's photo's around....over the month's it has helped me deal with the pain somewhat!

The gift bag is from Christmas and it is a boofle one. My lovely hubby gave it to me with lots of crafty goodies in it. The pink box on the shelf is stuffed full of ribbons!

The pink box on the floor has all my Christmas Crafting in it. In front of that is all my printing from the Polkadoodles CD Roms.

As any crafter knows storage is always important for our crafty goodies. I thought the shoe hanger was a great idea for storing some tools. The two pink bags on the door handle are also stuffed full of ribbons! I'm also a Take That fan and Gary Barlow is my favourite so you can see him on the wall. I won't turn over now for the other  months lol.

The bags on the curtain holder are stuffed full of yes you've guessed it ribbons again and some lace lol .....

I absolutely love buttterflies and the hanging butterfly garland is important to me as my Mum and Dad bought me it knowing how much I love them.

The wooden trunks in the corner store all my acrylic paints, gesso, gilding flakes and so on. I call them my messy crafting boxes...there is clay in them, waxes for encaustic art. All things to get dirty and messy with lol.

My hubby bought me this sign for you think he was trying to tell me something heehehe.....

I just love storage, I love boxes and jars and little containers. Sometimes I buy something just because it's a nice box! LOL The spice rack I emptied and gave it a good wash out and then filled it with brads, flowers, buttons etc. The Thornton's Toffee Jar I use for small was my Dad's I used to buy him toffee every year for Christmas and Birthdays.
The small jar on the second shelf up to the left has brads in, and the larger jar to the right has flowers in too. The small one is a sweet jar and the larger one a biscuit jar. I think they both belonged to my Grandma!
The pink box on the very top shelf contains....yet again....yes you've guessed lol....more ribbons! I think you can tell by now that I have a thing about them!

I also love Card Candi, the jam jar and the sugar bowl are full of them. I also have some in other containers too.I have tins of buttons dotted about as well as boxes of lace dotted about.

It is so handy having my stamps and inks laid out like this as everything is within easy reach. All my clear stamps are in storage drawers under my desk.

I just had to show you this, as you can tell I love pink, it's my favourite colour. I also love fairies....these two larger fairies actually have names lol...they are called 'Finola' and 'Finella' again, more keepsakes that my Mum and Dad bought me. You can also see another notepad, the spotted covered one! I told you I love notes.

The basket to the left is my random basket, I have another one under my desk in the corner. These are used for shoving things in when Im not quite sure where else to put them lol. I love my pink drawers so handy!

I absolutely love working I think you can tell by now, my craft room isnt just for looking is a working craft room and I spend hour after hour in here. I am passionate about my crafting and I am fortunate enough, even though I work full-time be able to spend most of my home life crafting! I have a very understanding then he has a very understanding wife...especially when fishing and golfing starts to come along!

That's the other basket I was telling you about earlier. I have allsorts in it. I have quite a lot of items in it waiting to be altered, I just haven't had time to do them yet.

My Grand Calibur, I wouldnt be without this little beauty! I was also a lucky girl at Christmas because my lovely hubby bless him also bought me this A3 printer. I kept saying I wanted to do 12x12 papers and he obviously listened for a change!LOL

So, this is how I love to spend my home life. I hope you have enjoyed the tour. I just wanted to share with you all another part of me and what I love to do!

It's a very happy place to be, and my husband thinks so too lol because he says it keeps me quiet!

Thank you for taking the time to follow my tour, and read my ramblings lol....
hope you all enjoy the rest of the week-end,
and a very happy crafting,
lots of love


  1. Wow what a lovely craft room , now that is what i call a craft room xxx lovely xxxxxx

  2. aww Lala your room is lovely!! I'm so jealous!! And yes, it is very organised!! So nice to see all your little memento's too ;)

  3. Fantastic, but i think you need a bigger room x

  4. Your room is looking as PINK as ever, NJ - unlike my shade of envious green! Lol. I love it! I can see at least three pink things that I made for you. Glad you are feeling up to 'movin back in'. Luv Jx

  5. What a fantastic room x have heaps of fun playing in it and designing xx hugs

  6. Great room... hopefully will be converting the little bedroom this year.. unfortunately the ferrets will need to be rehoused first

  7. Your craft room looks great hun and so very organised, I wish I had a space like this to work in, I bet you are glad to get back in there and be surrounded by all your crafty bits
    Lindsay xx

  8. You have a lovely craft room wish mine could be like that,my problem is the spare bed and i have just bought a new one so not much room ,i move things round last week but didn't work and i ended up back were i started from,he doesn't like me playing with my cards i am wasting time he thinks,if he goes fishing well we can eat what he brings back!!!
    last year we hatched some baby chicks in spare room but was to messy not going through all that again !!!
    love Pauline xxx

  9. Hi Nicola Jane
    I have popped over to say my thanks for the lovely comment you left at my blog about my Polka Doodle "Summer Fever" Entry.

    I am amazed by your fantastic craft room. There are certainly plenty of crafty goodies to play with!

    Michaela xx

  10. Now that is a craftroom I only have about a 1/3rd of what you have so quite jealous. You are sooo lucky. Chris xx

  11. Wow! Great room to make great things! Lucky girl!

  12. Thank you for sharing your craft room! I too love my craft room too. Love all that pink.

    Linda xxx

  13. lovely craft room Nicola wish mine was that tidy and not all over my floor xx