Thursday, 20 September 2012

Craft Room Clean Up......

Hello my lovelies...
here I am again lol, having no internet for the last two days has been a bit of a pain!
Last week-end I went away to stay at a lovely place called Tankersley Manor, which is in the dark peaks, just bordering the Peak I was told, excuse me if I am wrong as my geography is'nt much good!LOL Anyhoo, myself and another lady from the party I was with decided we would go shopping to Meadow Hall, while there I found a gorgeous little shop selling beautiful jars,tins and lots of scrummy things. So I just had to buy three beautiful little jars for storing buttons and brads in, I've also put embossing powder in one. I then went in another shop and bought some gorgeous nesting boxes which I wanted to store my wooden stamps in and a wire basket that matched too. I also  bought some matching tins and a gorgeous wicker candle holder which I have actually put ribbons in!
Where is my little story leading you may ask? Well, on arriving home extremely shattered after a hectic two days I decided to clean my craft room...well.....let me just say I got half way through and thought 'why oh why did'nt I just sit down and relax with that bottle of vino' lol. Anyway, the good news is I finished the 'Craft Room Clean Up' on Monday afternoon and boy do I feel better for it. I could'nt stand the mess any longer and now I can actually see the carpet!LOL
If you compare these photos that I am about to show you with my other craft room photos, you may not think it looks any different...but it is lol I can actually see things I forgot I had!
So, without further ado here is my craft room that I spend lots of happy hours in creating away...I hope you enjoy looking round!

I hope you enjoyed browsing through my craft room!
I absolutely love it in here, as my husband said won't stay that tidy! LOL
Have fun and happy crafting,
lots of love


  1. Wow! Not a space left unturned! Lol. Glad you had a good time in my neck of the woods, hun. Will miss you over the weekend, it's a pity you couldn't make it. Love Jan xx

  2. looks like a Pink OCD freak lives in this room - oh no, it's just NJ LOLOL!! Looks lovely hunny, can u come sort mine out now please?! xx

  3. Your craft room is a dream, i wouldn't dare show you mine at the moment (Bombsite) comes to mind lol x

  4. its the pink Queen of craft, WOW you are so lucky, I have a kitchen table and the floor Lol xxx

  5. Are you taking bookings my could do with a good sort out a couple of days should do it!!



  6. Thank you for sharing your new tidy craft room. It is lovely to be able to see where other crafters work.

    Linda xxx