Sunday, 13 November 2011

Look what I bought yesterday.......

Happy Sunday everyone and I hope you've all had a good week-end so far! Well when I left work yesterday I decided to call in a shop on my way home...just to look you see! But lo and behold I saw the following things and would'nt you know they just all jumped into my basket!LOL

Now does'nt all of that look lovely. I am addicted to anything lacey and ribbons. So I just had to have these bundles of lace. Like I needed anymore, but it always comes in handy. The polystyrene balls I got because I want to decorate them for a project.
The stamp set was reduced, a bargain!
I just could'nt resist the ribbon flowers and when I saw these dressmaker pins.....I just had to have them. The pearly heads are gorgeous colours, so I will make good use of these too.

So, because these things all needed a new home, who was I to say no!

I hope you have a great evening, I'm going to do some crafting...of course with the new stash lol,

have fun and happy crafting,
lots of love NJ XXX

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  1. lovely selection of goodies, of course you had to bring them home lol, I would of to xx