Sunday, 20 November 2011

My Crafty Friend Of The Month

A warm hello from me lol. Well, it's got to that time of the month where I choose 'My Crafty Friend of the Month'. It's hard to choose as there are so many talented crafting friend's out there!

I have picked this lady this month as she is a shining example of what our crafting world is all about. Talented, caring and friendly....a genuinely lovely lady who one day I would love to sit down with and have a good old chatter over a cuppa and some cake!

So without further ado, let me introduce you to 'My Crafty Friend of the Month'.
A very special.......

Sylvia Anderson.

How have I got to know Sylvia? We are both member's of a crafting group on Facebook. Sylvia kept commenting on my work and I started seeing her creation's when I popped into the group. Sylvia loves to make cards and enjoys anything to do with crafts. Her main interest is cardmaking and she makes cards for her family and friends.

Also not only does she make her cards, she has taught cardmaking several times and also sells cards at craft fairs too. Every November her craft group (Crafty Crafter's) raise funds for their local hospice. To date they have raised a staggering £1,100 plus.

As soon as I read this, it warmed my heart. The work, time and help Sylvia has given to help raise that amount, goes to prove what a fantastic, friendly and caring community the crafty world is.

Not only that, I wanted to tell you all just what a special lady Sylvia really is. That is why she was my obvious choice for my crafty friend this month.

Sylvia kindly agreed to answer some question's that I sent to her. I hope you enjoy reading them. I know I did.

How did you get into crafting?

Over the years I've tried lots of crafts, including knitting, flower arranging. sewing and crocheting to name but a few. When I officially retired I was looking for something to inspire me. By chance I heard about Crafty Crafter's Card making group. So I went along and joined there and then. That was three years ago. When I first joined, I did'nt know how to get the backing off double-sided tape. I'm pleased to say I have progressed since then. Two years ago the members nominated me for the secretary's job, which I was happy to do. In the last 3 year's I have attended many craft fair's and taught at many venues, which I thoroughly enjoy. I must mention (Oscar) last year I won Best Card Maker, Advanced group at the GNPE.

Who inspires you in the crafting world?

That's a difficult one! There are so many talented designer's etc, but I must say I admire Stephanie Weightman and Nancy Watt. I get most of my ideas from everyday items such as wallpaper and textiles. In fact anything can trigger an idea for a card. I also get inspiration from my fellow crafter's.

What's your favourite technique and why?

I like to try all techniques, but I love stamping and colouring (but I do need practice). With stamping you have a blank canvas, you can use the same stamp but get different results every time. I can also experiment with different colours, its endless.

What five must have crafty items would you recommend to people?

I would'nt be without my Grand Calibur or Cuttlebug, my paper trimmer, Tim Holtz distress inks, good quality cardstock and my computer/printer...whoops, that's 6 items!

I have seen from the group we are members of that you have just recently raised around £1000 for a charity. Which charity is it and how did you become a part of this?

The Charity I helped raise the £1000 for is Hartlepool and District Hospice. Two year's ago my friend Sylvia died of cancer, she was a member of Crafty Crafter's. As a thank you to the Hospice for the care she received whilst in the Hospice, we decided to try and raise some much needed money. That year 2009 we raised £600, last year we raised £500. My dream was to raise more than last year, to my amazement we doubled that amount. We raised the money by selling our hand-made cards, tombola, raffle, name the teddy etc.
Most people are affected by cancer in one way or another. I lost my late husband Alan to cancer 13 years ago. As long as I am able I will try to raise money for the Hospice.

I have loved reading Sylvia's answers and how she got into cardmaking. It shows how we all start off not sure what to do and progress onto producing beautiful works of art!

I was so moved by Sylvia's answers, especially the last one. As she said, in one way or another most people are affected by cancer. I can relate to this, as I lost my Beautiful Dad to it. So I for one, appreciate all the kindness and help people give in trying to battle this terrible disease. It moved me to tears that Sylvia has done all of this to help others.

I would just like to show you some examples of Sylvia's work......

I think after seeing all of these beautiful creations that Sylvia has made, she is one very talented crafter. I love her work, and I just had to show you the cake too, its truly gorgeous!

I hope you have enjoyed 'meeting' my crafty friend of the month. I want to say a big massive thank you from the bottom of my heart to Sylvia for agreeing to do this. Thank you and bless you, a truly lovely friend,
lots of love NJ XXX

Till next month's crafty friend, have fun, happy crafting....and, you never know it might be one of you next time!LOL

Take care, love NJ XXX


  1. Great choice, a very talented, kind and caring lady Sylvia is, always thinking of others. Lovely to read and very touching. Thanks for sharing NJ and thank you Sylvia for being you x

  2. Glad you chose Sylvia, such a lovely person, putting other people before herself, always ready to help us out with hints and tips and such a talented lady x

  3. Very deserved, Sylvia, although I've never met you (only on FB) you're warmth and caring shines through x x

  4. SO many warm congratulations to my good friend, well deserved, Sylvia is a much loved, big hearted lady, and a wonderful crafter, Sylvia was my very first member of the month on Dawn's card swap group, her participation in all things crafty and in general are an inspiration to me, x love dawn Heald

  5. This is wonderful, I'm so proud to call Sylvia my friend. She's a wonderful caring and genuine person and this is such a fitting accolade to this very warm and generous lady xxx Thanks for doing this Nicola xxx