Monday, 21 November 2011

My Prize from Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine

Last Monday I entered the Cardmaking & Papercraft Magazine Facebook challenge.
You had to tell your funny Christmas stories. Well I've had a few as you all know that I'm a bit of a calamity Jane always having accidents or doing something silly!LOL
This was the one that I told them though, which I get reminded about from my hubby every year!

It was our first Christmas living together in our new house. I invited my mum and dad for dinner. I decided to make a Christmas pudding well before Christmas. On the day thinking I was the next Delia I decided to do the flaming brandy trick!
I poured brandy into a ladle, and heated it up over my electric hob. I then got a lighter and lit it which ignited a flame..wooo hoooo......running through to the dining room to my audience I threw the brandy over the pudding....and used the lighter certainly ignited alright...I had forgotten that I had a paper table cloth on so that set on fire! Im my mad panic I ran outside with the ladle still flaming and threw it in the black rubbish sack.........not realising that hubby had put all the torn wrapping paper in it!OOOppppss... let me tell you all, it certainly was a flaming Christmas!LOL

As I said before, my hubby mentions this every year to whoever will listen...hehehehe but as I said to him last week after I won with this funny see it was worth nearly burning the house down in the end!LOL

Here's what I won.........

I can't wait to make something from my prize. I will show you what I make using my gorgeous papers and stamps.

Thanks for reading and happy crafting,
lots of love NJ XX

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