Friday, 18 November 2011

My 52 Christmas Card Marathon........

A happy hello from me my crafting lovelies. Well, as promised here is how I made 52 Christmas Cards in one batch last night. I started at 7pm and finished just before midnight.

When I have a lot of cards to make I find the easiest way of batch making them is to choose two simple colour schemes. The two chosen for these cards are red and white and blue and green. Hope you enjoy reading how I did it.

First of all I had 52 sheets of A4 white card

Score them in half using a score board to make your A5 card blanks

Decide on your chosen decorative paper and trim to fit the card, but so it will leave a border.

Apply double sided tape to the back of the paper

Attach each sheet of paper to your card fronts

Choose a selection of plain cards in co-ordinating colours. I've chosen pearlescent card and linen textured card

Trim to fit over the paper making sure you leave a border of the paper showing. Attach with 3d foam pads

Use a digital image or a stamp of your choice. I chose to use a digital image as this saves time on colouring if you have a lot to make and not much time. The images I chose are from the Serif Craft Artist Platinum discs

I chose to do a Snowman on a spotty red background and a Christmas Tree on a Blue snowy background. I scaled the images to fit an A4 sheet and printed out the amount I would need.

I used my craft knife and metal edged ruler to then cut them into separate images

I then attached each image to the upper centre of the cards using foam pads

Next I chose  two greetings to use from the DoCrafts Digital Designer Forever Friends Retro Collection

I chose the greetings to co-ordinate with the image and colour scheme chosen

Use scissors to trim around each greeting, then fix to your cards using foam pads

I wanted to keep the embellishments simple, so I chose to use Candi. A gold Candi on the tree top and either side of the greeting. Red and matt gold Candi for the snowman buttons. Attach using foam pads.

I always stamp the back of my cards with my name using memento ink

Type your chosen verse using your Word program and print out

Score and fold, then trim the edges slightly to fit the card

Use double-sided tape on each side and then attach inside your card

Here are your finished cards in the two designs chosen

Finally, 52 Christmas Cards

Why 52 Christmas Cards in one go you may wonder? My husband is President of his local Rotary Club and asked if I would make a card for each member, of which there are 52!

If you decide to have a go at batch making your cards, I find this is the quickest and easiest way of doing so many in one session. Do each stage at a time, this way it is speedier than finishing one card and moving onto the next. Also stick to a simple colour scheme with just minimal embellishments.

I will be having another session like this one as I have a lot of cards to send to my clients at the salon.
I hope you've enjoyed my card marathon lol, if you decide to give it a go I hope you have fun doing it,
happy crafting,
lots of love NJ XXX


  1. These are fab! I should think that you were worn out by the time you finished all of these
    Lindsay xx

  2. Wow, yes inserts an all, brilliant - job done!!

  3. Very impressive and hard core! Although I did tons of cards to sell for Children in Need, I haven't even started my Christmas Cards yet. I think I might have to use your method!