Saturday, 28 January 2012

Hello my lovelies....

Hello my lovelies,
I just wanted to pop on and let you all know how I'm doing.

I came home from the hospital on Monday and I'm actually doing pretty good!
I just have to remember it will be a slow process of healing and that I can't do just yet what I want to do.

I am really tired a lot of the time, but like my hubby keeps telling me it's only been a week since I had my op. Hubby is looking after me really well bless him, making my meals.....well warming up the soup lol.

I am hoping to craft a little in the next few days but I am having to take it slowly as I'm quite uncomfortable where I've got stitches.

Anyhoo, enough about are you all doing. I hope your all keeping well and being creative while I'm away!

I can't wait to get back up and running and doing what I love most, crafting.

Thanks for everyone's well wishes and support. I've had loads of flowers and cards and best of all some gorgeous cookies from two of my special friends lol..they know me well!

Thanks for reading and happy crafting....

lots of love


  1. Great to see you are in good spirits... and do things at a snails pass dont go trying to race.. hugs
    Fran x

  2. Hi lovely, great to hear you're doing so well! Missing your tweets, but let hubs spoil you and take your time getting better.

    Much love & hugs,
    Helen xxx

  3. Hello you!! Lovely to hear your doing well, try and keep it that way by taking it easy and not pushing yourself to much to soon :)
    Love n hugs
    Paula xxx

  4. Hey - rest well and take care x

  5. Thanks everyone. Its lovely to be around again, I missed you all, love NJ XXXX