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My review this week is the
I am going to answer why
'Everyone needs a Hougie'.
Over the years I have bought many score boards, used them maybe a couple of times and then hidden them away to just collect dust!
After seeing the fab Kay Rutter at the GNPE in Harrogate, she explained to me how the Hougie works. I was also shown the
and I was sold there and then! Especially as it comes in pink too, which not only is my favourite colour but every sale of the pink Hougie, a donation is made to the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.
So, what is all the fuss about HOUGIE ?
Let me tell you.......
Hougie boards make the prep work quick and easy giving you more time to decorate your projects.
You can create fancy card folds,gift  boxes, envelopes, special effects and much much more!
You can create many different card shapes including different stepper cards, tri-fold shutter cards, Diamond shaped cards to name just a few. You can also use the score lines to embellish your projects, make also favour boxes and wedge boxes too. You can add inks, ribbons and many other embellishments to your projects.
Another fantastic selling point for me is the fact that you can so easily make Rosette flowers using the score lines on the board, these are so simple to make, and teamed with a decorative edge using the boards score lines, you can create a quick, simple, yet very effective card like the one I have made here to show you. I have inked the edges so as to emphasise the embossing for my review, you don't need to do this though, it still shows up lovely if you leave it plain.
If you struggle to measure accurately, then the Hougie is for you. All the measures are done for you. Centimetres and 1/2 centimetres on one side, inches and 1/2 inches on the other side. If your project tells you to score at 6cm, all you do is turn the board to the centimetre side and score on the 6th score line. So easy!
The board comes with the
which has been designed to bend so that it relieves some of the pressure on your card. What I also like about the score tool is the length of it. It fits easily into your hand, so you can control it easily when scoring your card and the point is'nt too thick. This also means that the point sits very easily into the score line channels. It is also very comfortable to hold, which I think is important to know, especially if someone has dexterity problems. I sometimes get pain in my hands due to my day job, with this score tool, even when I have my pain I find it very easy and comfortable to use.
A recommendation in the project book is to mark your Hougie with a permanent black marker pen, down the centre channel. This is your 'marker' channel.
At first I thought 'oh it's so pretty, I don't want to mark it with a black line'....
BUT......This is an ABSOLUTE MUST!
It helps you when you are doing projects that require you to work blind when scoring.
Now, have you heard about
well believe me when I tell's genius, so simple and works brilliantly!
It makes your card folding so easy and you will wonder why you haven't done it before.
To see more about the  HOUGIE TRICK click HERE
I really recommend you buy the EVERYONE NEEDS A HOUGIE PROJECT BOOK. It is a great guide with fab projects inside. You can also get other project books including a WEDDING & PARTY IDEAS PROJECT BOOK .
Now, you might be thinking, 'yeah yeah...another score board to add to my collection...BUT...
this one is the BEES KNEES!!!
It does what the label says and much more, just think with Christmas coming up you could make your Christmas favour boxes, gift boxes, decorations and much, much more.
Not only can you work well with the project books but you can also play around with your own ideas too.
I can honestly say I am a convert to the scoring board now I have been introduced to the
Here is a Tri-fold shutter card I have made, which was so easy to do...
So my findings from using my Hougie Board, score tool and project book...
A fabulous addition to my evergrowing crafting tool kit!
I hope you have enjoyed reading my review on the brilliant
thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing my next review with you shortly!
Have fun and happy 'HOUGIE...ING...LOL...
lots of love


  1. Great review Nicola. I also have a Houghie and love it!


  2. Sorry, I dont get it. I was shown the Ultimate Pro in action and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread and then I got it home.....I hardly even look at it now. All these boards are the just need to know how to use it to its potential. As for marking it? Why do they not do that on the production line? lol. Good review though. :)

  3. I have the hougie board and I must admit it is always at hand, but I really think I should invest in one (or two of the books) to use it to its full potential x