Monday, 15 October 2012

Product Review - Splodgeaway....

Happy Monday lovelies,
Well my exciting news is I am going to do product reviews on my blog and Facebook page. It might not sound exciting, but I think it is because it will give me a chance to share with you my view on some fab crafting goodies that I love to use and also why I love to use them!
How many times have we been undecided about do we need it, whats so good about it, is it worth the money!
Well here on my blog is your chance to for my very first product review...
The lovely Tom from
has agreed to me reviewing the
This mat is available in different sizes.
Demonstrator ~ 26" x 16"
XL ~ 11.7" x 16.5"
Maxi ~ 12" x 12"
Pocket 8" x 8"
I have the Maxi size which is perfect to sit on my desk and it also travels well too. I was able to put it into my wheelable craft tote when I went to the GNPE in Harrogate and used it there.
Why is it so good? ink wastage, ease of use, does not ruffle up as you swirl your ink blending tool's around and easy to clean.
The Splodge Away Polymer Resin Blending Mat is created from a special resin formula that makes blending inks so easy. No more splodges and smudges!
The special ink blending technology lets water based inks bind to the surface which allows smooth blushered ink distribution on your blending tool.  
I watched Tom when he was on Create and Craft TV and he said if you were to put the mat under a microscope it would look like sphagetti junction, which means this is why the ink sits into the mat rather than on top. As you know when using your inks on some smooth surfaces it pools into blobs and is quite wet so smudges can occur very easily. With the Splodgeaway I find the ink is distributed more evenly, and when you dab your pad onto the mat it is fab for running your brayer over and making your own backgrounds. I use my ink blending tool's and gently swirl ink around the edges of the card and the blending tool just glides.
Now I am certainly no expert on this, but the reason for my review is to see a crafter's take on a product you may have wondered about yourselves.
If I have some ink left on the mat, I spritz it with water and lay card over the top which then gives a lovely background effect.
If you have used water based inks on your mat all you need to do to clean it is wipe with a damp tissue. I spritz mine with a little water, wipe clean and then wipe dry.
If you have used alcohol ink, oil or solvent based inks or pigments you can clean your mat with thinners or spirits. The Splodge Away mat is solvent resistant which allows you to clean it with these.
Value for money....excellent value. If you were to get this, I would say it will become an essential part of your crafting tool kit as it is mine now!
I have also found I love the
These are so easy to use and give great effects too.
I have made a card to show you using the
and I used my
to ink all the edges.
I haven't embellished the card too much as I wanted to show you the effect of the mask without too much distraction with embellishment's.
Such a simple card, but looks pretty with the mask detail. I have just used Distress inks Peeled Paint and Worn Lipstick.
To see lots of inspiration from the Splodge Away Design Team here is the
I hope you have enjoyed my first review for this brilliant product.
Hopefully I have helped you decide if you want this mat...I think you NEED this!
Have fun,
happy crafting,
lots of love


  1. wow NJ Congratulations on a fabulous new job. I love reading your blog and I know that you always tell us how it is, so i'm looking forward to more reviews from you, Love the card and the effect you got, Might have to look in to getting myself one of those lovely mats xxxxx

  2. Thank you sweetie. I just decided myself to start doing reviews on products I already have. I just want to share what I think about the things I use myself and hopefully it will help crafter's if they are undecided about buying something. Hope your feeling better Lise XX

  3. Congrats .. I Have been toying with the idea of a Splodgeaway Mat .. Me thinks i must get one now .. Your very good at wording things :) Hugs .. Shaz .. xx PS It was nice to meet you at Harrogate.

  4. What a fab idea, hun - I think it's great to hear what another crafter thinks of a crafting product. ps. nail varnish remover also works to remove permanent inks too :) xx

  5. Hi Nicola, I have just stumbled upon your review and I hope you don't mind me posting on your blog. Thanks for the glowing write up, I really appreciate your kind words and I am so happy that people are finding my SplodgeAway Mat helpful. I am working hard all of the time creating new masks and products so if you have any ideas just let me know. Thanks again Nicola, Tom :)