Sunday, 25 September 2011

Happy Sunday.....

Happy Sunday you gorgeous people! Just thought I would have a quick chat lol. Well, today is a day of browsing.......blogs, on-line craft sites, blog challenges......product list is endless! I have my notebook and pen to many times do we all browse the net, thinking I want one of those, and then forget where it was or which Crafty shop it was at...unless you've popped it into your basket there and then.
I love looking at all the latest crafty goodies....some of my fave online stores are Honeypot crafts, PolkaDoodles, Create and Craft.. in fact I have a lot of different  ones in my favourites list, but these are my top 3!
I have some ideas that I'm jotting down too for my crafty makes tomorrow. Monday is my day off work, so tomorrow I am having a full on craft day. I will be doing some stamping, and I have decided to experiment a little bit with the colouring. I have the following pens, kuretake, pro markers, and whispers. I will be altering between these 3 sets I have for each image I do. At the moment I am looking at flex markers and Spectrum Noir pens. I havent bought these yet, but I am tempted to!
I know your not going to want to hear this just don't forget only 91 days to Christmas! A reminder for all of us crafty people that have a lot of cards to make, I know I have and must make a start lol. I also make a calendar every year for my hubby as a gift. I pick a theme every year and stick to this for each of the months. Last year I was still finishing it off Christmas week..hehehehe this year I will try and be a bit more organised! I will have to be, because at the salon December is my busiest month so need to be very, very organised lol.
I have a few ideas of my own that I want to do with my blog too. If you havent noticed already, at the bottom of my blog when you scroll down...I have a list of Crafty Goodies I love...I will be updating this list regularly, as there are so many crafty things I love to use! I am also going to start a 'My crafty friend of the Month', which hopefully they will let me feature them on my blog lol. I havent asked them yet, but hopefully they wont mind lol!
Also, with permission from the online shops Im thinking of, I would like to feature 'My shop of the month' too. With this I will add a link to the site for you all to see....and do a little write up about it. Hopefully I will be able to go ahead with this. I do like to get permission first!
Finally, another feature I would like to do is 'My favourite blog of the month', again with permisson from the blog's I'd like to feature I will put a link to their blog and do a write up for this also.
A lot of work you may think, but once I get the wheels in motion, I'm sure it will be interesting reading. Hopefully you will all enjoy my features on my blog.
I will share with you why I would like to do this. After browsing around various blogs, and craft sites and also my friends galleries...there is so much talent out there. I just want to share with everyone just how much Crafty Talent there is, and I for one love looking at it all. I hope you will enjoy the next journey of my blog, I will be introducing you all to some gorgeous, talented people.....have fun, and most of all happy crafting, with lots of love from me lol ..........NJ XXX

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