Monday, 12 September 2011

My Re - Organised Craft Room!

Good evening crafters! Yesterday I decided to tidy up my craft room. Last year I went through every thing I had in it, and organised things into folders and containers. Of course as the year has gone on, it's become a mess again as it is a working craft room after all! It was, though, too much off a mess. So, I decided to tidy it up. Don't ask me how long it will stay like this husband said it was nice to see we actually had a beige carpet. Yes thats how untidy I had become, you couldnt even see that anymore I had that much scattered all over. Anyway here are the results, and now after a very long afternoon on the computer I am going to make a card in my tidy craft room lol. Enjoy the pictures! Love NJ XX

The photo in the corner is of my Beautiful Dad who passed away last year. I like having his photo there. The rag doll was given to me on my 9th birthday, and the musical teddy at Christmas when I was about 5, it plays Little Town of Bethlehem.
The folders contain Kanban kits and other different papers and decoupage. The files on the bottom have card in. The three chests all have colouring mediums inside such as acrylic paints, watercolour pencils, gesso etc.

I love being in my room, as you can see I have a lot of pink things lol. I keep all my wooden stamps on the shelf so I can easily see them. Although all my acrylic stamp sets are in a box, which you will see later. Notice the spice rack near the lamp. Would you believe I brought this back from America years ago, it was one of those things I just had to have, like you can't get them here lol! Anyway, I decided to throw out the spices as they had dried up, washed it out and put in brads, buttons, bows and so on. It is really handy.

The photos on the wall are all of my Dad and our family, it is a memory board that I made and we had it on display at the celebration of his life.

The pink box on the shelf contains ribbons. The pink box on the floor has all my Christmas crafting goodies in it. I am a massive Take That fan, have you noticed my Gary lol....gorgeous!

The three bags hanging off my curtain holder contain lace and ribbons. I have a butterfly hanger in the centre of my window as I love butterflies.

The two boxes have lace inside and the art deco tin also has lace in. The pink buckets have flowers in them. I can see what inks I have and they are to hand too. Next to the buckets are glitters, and pigment and pearl ex powders.

I save all take away boxes over a period of time and then use them for storage. They really are handy!

I use my glass cutting mat all the time. I still use the self healing mat as well, but for precise cutting the glass mat is fab!

I love using Candi, its all in the containers next to the spice rack. It looks lovely on any project and there are so many colours to choose from.

Acrylic stamps sets stored in a box.

I hope you have enjoyed browsing through my craft room. It's a lovely place to be, I love it. I spend many hours working away making my cards here. It is so relaxing and especially so now I've tidied it up......let's see how long it lasts! LOL

Have fun and happy crafting,
lots of love NJ XXX

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