Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A warm hello from me lol..........

Hello my lovely beautiful crafter's.

I hope you are all keeping well and warm in this cold weather!

I have been crafting some Design Team work for a few hours today and yesterday. I can't show you it yet as it's for future blog challenges. While I am off work for so long I am trying to work in advance. Any excuse to craft lol, as you all know I would spend every waking hour crafting if I got the chance!

I am feeling quite tired while I'm recovering from my operation. I have to keep remembering that it isnt quite 3 weeks yet since I had it, and me being impatient, I want to be fully recovered and back to normal yesterday! LOL

Anyhoo, when I'm tired I've been resting and reading my kindle, but also reading my craft magazines too. I have a lot of magazines to catch up on.
I absolutely love notebooks too, and have many on the go. I'm addicted to lists, I have lists for husband laughs at how many I have. I just love writing things down though. I have a project book for each Design Team that I'm on. I have a diary for my day to day life...a diary for my DT work.......and a diary just for the sake of having another pretty diary! My favourite book that I have though is my A4 Boofle Project Book....I have sketchings in this, wish lists of crafty goodies I want to buy, interview questions that I ask people for my features 'My favourite blog of the month' and 'My favourite crafty friend of the month'. I write all my ideas down in here, it literally is like my bible of crafting. I would be lost without it. When it is full, I have my eye on the next replacement project see...organised again lol.

Also, another thing I have been doing in the last week is making ribbon bows. I have absolutely loads of ribbon that I collect, I love ribbons. I have so many ribbons that I could supply the retailers lol. Parting with them though is another thing heehehehe so many pretty ones! Anyway, I decided to sit for a couple of hours and make ribbon I now have a tin full of them. These will be great to have an instant bow when I'm crafting. I have used loads of different colours too so there will always be a bow to match whatever project I might need one for. If you want to know how to make a neat bow, look at my tutorial section.........'NJ's Crafty Tips'. I have a section devoted entirely to ribbons and different ways of using them.

I have also been making paper flowers too, which will be very handy. Although I did get in a little bit of a mess while gluing them, its not wise to try and  type at the same time as gluing!

Another thing I have been doing too is printing loads of gorgeous backing papers and elements from some gorgeous crafting cd's. I will show you these soon with some cards I want to make from the cds I have printed off.

Now you might see why I've been getting told off from my hubby for not resting when I am supposed to.....I like to do things......I'm not one for doing nothing...but I am being a good girl......yeah yeah I know if your reading this and you know me you'll be laughing...I am a good girl really and do as I'm told...(well only sometimes lol).

So, I know I have waffled on a bit, but I just wanted to have a lovely catch  up with you all. Keep up the good work with all your crafting, have fun enjoy the gorgeous crafty colours, nice and bright and cheerful......and enjoy your crafting and have fun.....

till next time.....
from little ole
lots of love to you all.........................


  1. Well I just hope you get some rest at the same time NJ - we need you fit and well at Polkadoodles girlie! Besides I dont want your D to come shaking his fist blaming me for you not resting LOL! xxx

  2. Hahahahaha didnt I tell you, he's knocking on your door already lol. Only kidding he likes it, it stops me talking to him..he likes the peace lol. Im having a rest day tomorrow, under orders!!!!! XXXXX

  3. OMG i thought i was bad with lists but you totally listed!!! I just have scraps of paper with stuff written on, i love it!!! im dead envious as well, i didn't know you could get A4 Boofle books, i'm sure one of the crafty mags are doing a stamp freebie in March you know can't remember which one hmmm Paula xxx

  4. I know I love lists lol. I love Boofle, I think there is a Boofle crafting range coming out in March. Cant wait! If you remember the mag hun let me know lol, XXXX

  5. Wow hun your idea of "resting" seems to be a little different lol ( i can't say much though as I am not very good at it either hehe). I had an uncle who loved lists and made lists of lists too lol. Can't wait to see everything you have been making but please do try and take it easy. I hope you are feeling ok and haven't tired yourself out too much
    Lindsay xx