Saturday, 11 June 2011

My Craft Room

Well this is where it all happens. I love being in my craft room.
                             As you can see I have a lot of pink items, it is my favourite colour.
                                             I love stamping and have collected quite a few!
                                                  My Dad watching over me while I craft
            Since I took this picture I have also got in place an x cut glass cutting mat, its fab to use
                                         The shoe hanger I have used for tools, and punches etc
              I love ribbons, these are just a few. I have boxes and bags full of them and lace too
                                                   I love having everything to hand
                                                           Just a few of my ink pads
                                                   Storage boxes with various things in
                                                             More craft goodies
         Notice the pink wipe board, I use this to make a note of each project I want to make
  The picture is of my Beautiful Dad who passed away last year, this takes pride of place in my craft room. My Dad knew how much I loved to craft so I love this photo being in here.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my craft room, thank you for taking the time to browse, have fun and happy crafting, love NJ XXX


  1. My Little Legs is fascinated with your room NJ, she wants a pink painting room like you!

  2. LOL oh no Lisa what have I started ;-) xxx

  3. Wow! you've been busy on your blog tonight. Your craft room is truly to die for. I have the room, but your SO tidy, put me to shame. Strange but tonight I have started de-cluttering and re-arranging, it could take me till Sept., but I will do it, then I'll take pics. Caz

  4. It doesnt always look this tidy lol. I can't wait to see yours when your organised lol. It takes ages, it took me forever to sort this out. Darren put me new shelves up so I had to sort everything out. I still need more room lol. I'm crafting today so I'll put pics on of what I make. Have a great Sunday love NJ XX