Monday, 13 June 2011

A very late Good Evening LOL

Well hello everyone and a very late Good Evening. It's been my day off today so I went into town and had a coffee with my friend. I came home and have been stamping images most of the afternoon. I had loads of stamps that I havent got round to using yet, so I've been stamping some more tonight too. I thought if I stamp as though it's a production can store them in an A4 folder in polypockets once I've coloured them in and at least I've got some ready to hand if I want one to make a card. While I was in town today I bought some more lace, I love lace, and the colours I bought will look gorgeous in some vintage projects. Sometimes I dye my white lace in tea, coffee or red wine(bit of a waste of the wine if you ask me lol...but it works) just for a bit of a different vintage feel. I also bought some raffia too which I will be using on the kraft card blanks. OOOpps yes I've just remembered I bought also two massive bags of different flowers as they were only £1.25 a bag...oh yes and some pink ribbon too lol. Well thats my update on what I've been doing today.......tomorrow I am back at work but I'm looking forward to colouring my images tomorrow night and then making up some cards with them. Hope you all have a good week whatever your all doing, nite nite and take care,
lots of love NJ XXXX

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