Sunday, 19 June 2011

A quick hello

Just a quick hello, I hope you are all having a nice week end. I have been browsing blogs for a couple of hours, and wow is there lots of inspiration out there and so many talented crafter's. I am thinking of entering some blog challenges. I am new to this blogging thing lol so still working out what I have to do to enter them. Hopefully I've sussed it out now and have quite a few ideas of my own. Although this week I won't have as much time to craft as I'm taking my father in law into hospital today for a new knee. Bless him what a way to spend Father's day. I took him a pressie and of course a handmade card round. Unfortunately my Dad is no longer with me but in a short while I am going to lay some roses in his resting place in his favourite garden.
So, with work, hospital visiting, and crafting, there are not enough hours in the day. I am planning to make some challenge entries tonight though, so hopefully my night will work out how I'm planning lol.
Well thats enough waffle from me.........for now of course, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday and I wish all the Daddies out there a happy and wonderful Father's Day, and for all the daddies in the sky including mine, I wish you lots of love and peace.
Happy Crafting everyone and I'll catch up with you all again soon,
lots of love


  1. Lovely words and sentiments NJ. My thoughts today are of the Dads in my life, OH and two sons, and those who have past.
    If you need any help, either phone me or email, enjoy starting to enter challenges, it's great fun and yes, challenging, but it helps to change direction sometimes. Hugs Caz

  2. Thanks Caz I really appreciate your help. It is the change of direction I need for definite. I am really l Iooking forward to throwing myself into crafting and get involved as much as I can with different things lol. I'm going to email you about the Geordie Meet just a couple of questions to ask lol. I love your blog and its given me so much inspiration, thanks my lovely friend love NJ XXXX